Monday, 22 October 2012

Catching fire Book review

Catching fire,
Suzanne Collins

The capitol is an evil and violent place, as they will kill you. Catching fire is about Katniss now seventeen, and Peeta after they have won The Hunger Games. To prove her desperate actions at the end of the 74th annual hunger games was triggered by love and not a rebellion against the capitol. When Katniss goes on the victor tour she has to show Panem the undying love of Peeta. As Katniss was on the victor tour, she faced the families of the children she killed. There are whispers of a rebellion, a rebellion that Katniss may have started. Katniss creates alliances to survive.  Katniss will try being a leader for everyone of district 12, if she survives.

Catching fire is the sequel of The Hunger Games and the prequel to Mockingjay. I loved this book because it showed me after you win something, it doesn’t always stay like that you have to work to keep it. I believed that katniss will win again but something would happen to district 12. This reminds me of the mine explosion when she lost someone she loved, when gale goes down I believe that in the future books another explosion may happen. The book really inspired me to do what I love and you always have to work to get rewarded. When I read it I saw many shocking events happening. The book overall was great but not meant for kids as there is alcohol, violence, gore, but overall it was a really good book


  1. Mockingjay should be capatalized and one word

  2. Capitol should be capitalized. The "Fire" in "Catching Fire" should be capitalized and italicized. Katniss should be capitalized.