Sunday, 4 November 2012

Litspiration Challenge

Here is my litspiration challenge on youtube:

Vanessa Hudgens: She has the personality to be Katniss with the curly, black hair, and the eyes.
Chris Hemsworth: He seems to have hunting knowledge from Thor and that he looks like Gale as well.
Zac Efron: He has the personality to be Peeta to be a baker and keep is feelings a secret.
Robert Downey Jr.: He would be awesome to play a drunk teacher because he likes to drink and have fun.
Abigail Brensin: She just looks like a regular 12 year old, with the curly hair as I imagine prim.
Nicki Minaj: She always dress' up like she is a circus clown and that really fits Effie Trinket.


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  2. The video was lacking a bit of interest. Could you possibly add music or a voice over? Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I haven't actually read the Hunger Games series so my comment may not be as good as some other people who have actually read the Hunger Games. Like Brianna was saying your video gave us a visual but didn't really keep the interest of the viewer. I agree with your character and actor choice and think that you maybe should have explained why you chose them a bit better. Other than that GREAT JOB!

  4. Just thought i'd say... on most peoples' blogs, I kinda hate the fishies, but on yours, they actually helped form a nice blog layout as they added a cool splash of colour to what would have been just a black, white, and grey blog, and so yay. Good job. :)

  5. Nice actor picking... Although I don't know the actors very well, I'm sure they would do great! The youtube video was a bit bland though :(