Friday, 8 February 2013

Loser Book Review

The Loser,
By Jerry Spinelli 

I agreed mostly with Omar, but he did not provided enough evidence to support it. Also he didn’t go into detail he just scratched the carpet with the main ideas/points. He doesn’t talk about the characterization. Omar tried to use up the space by putting in when he thought is was, but he put in dates and way to much words, and dates of why he thought that. Omar included some evidence, but I believe that he should add more to back statements up.

I really liked this book because it portrays the victims of bullying. It shows the life of getting bullied and teased. Donald Zinkoff had a problem with his stomach. He had an upside down valve in his stomach, which would make him throw up occasionally.  His dream job was to be a mailman like his father, and one day he got to come along and deliver mail. I really fell like I can relate to this book when I was in my old school because everyone was trying to hurt each other or pick on someone.  I believe that this book should be read by kids to learn how if you hurt someone or not include them that it can affect them a lot. Adults should also read this because it shows them to not do the same and tell their kids not to do it.


  1. Hello Curtis, Why Book Like Words? How did you make this connection? From you background I figured you really liked technology and a discovery channel. I noticed that you read lots of different books. I really liked that you made a connection from bullying to adults, not only children. Something I found from your book reviews that I really wished I would include examples from the books itself.

    Yay, you have fish too =D

    1. well daniel without words it cant be a book. even if it is a picture book, pictures speak 1000 words!!