Friday, 8 February 2013

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief,

By Rick Riordan

I did my review on Stevens Review of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. Steven Talked about theme, perspective, and characterization. For Characterization he explained, “After he learns that his best friend, Grover, is actually a satyr, and that he himself is the son of the Greek god, Poseidon, his life is turned upside down,” I agree with this because his life does turn upside down. His life changes he has to keep it from his mother and family.  When he said, “This story is only told in one perspective and I thought that they should have been told in more then one perspective.” I agree because it would be cool to understand his life from another person. This would be cool because you could see what he did from someone else. Steven’s theme point is spot on, “The theme of this story is good vs. evil like most of the stories I read.” I agree the theme is good vs. evil, because it is the son of a Greek God, and him fighting Greek Monsters. I also agree with him saying like most books I read because he likes those action-packed books with intensity, I thought this book had that.

The Lightning Thief is the first book in the Percy Jackson series. The setting is in his school, and his life to Half-Blood Camp. The reason why is because when the summer hits and he gets on the bus, but it breaks down, and he sees three old ladies on the side of the road knitting. I really liked how he used Greek mythology to use in the story it gives it the historical feel. It really connected to me because I am very fascinated by the myths and I would love to see if they were real. I would give this book a 4/5 and recommend it for people in junior high or high school because they know of Greek mythology. I would definitely read the series, and so should you it’s a great book waiting for someone to read it. 

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  1. Hey Curtis, your blog looks great with a lot of detail. I really like your background and your fish simulation they bring a cool vibe to your blog
    I have some questions for you thought. Did you not agree with any of the points that Steven made in his review? You mentioned that this book was told throughout only one perspective did that change the book a lot for you?