Friday, 8 February 2013


here is my vlog :)


  1. Wow.... Your vlog definitely defines careful, yet understandable analyzation of the characters. Personally, I found it awesome how you went into each of the character's points of views. This really brought out the fact that each of them were having their own troubles and were trying to overcome them. Also I'm glad you decided to analyze the whole season instead of just one episode because this really added to the plot development. As I explained earlier, I found it interesting how you included each of the character's own problems, however you also included the main issue, which was NASA's space shuttle launch conflicting with Howards and Bernedettes wedding. Not only was your vlog very descriptive and understandable, I'm also very glad you included your mom to add a bit of enthusiasm to give it more "I surrender to the fun!"

    Now I'll go over the stuff about your blog in general. To begin with, your blog is one of my favourites that uses the "awesome inc" template mainly because you decided yo use a cool background image instead of the plain black on white text. The "discoveries gadget" was very amusing and a wonderful addition to your blog. You clearly added a lot of customization into your blog, which shows that you definitely like to make stuff yours.

  2. i really like your blog layout, background and contrasting colors. i like that your blog is easy to navigate and read. Your blog is very interactive with the viewers especially the fish!