Monday, 15 April 2013

House of the Scorpion: Individual Post #2

I always thought that clones couldn't bleed because they didn't have veins, or a heart. The book so far is really good because the author’s imagination is being expressed into the scenarios and the characters. If a different author tried to write this book with the same story line I think it wouldn't be as good. The setting is mostly in the small house and The Big House. I think the time period is somewhere between the 2050's to the 2150's. I think it is really cool that the clones are made from cows and then made into humans. When Matt is getting treated like an animal is it because clones are made from cows and that is why they are animals or is it because they are not human? I think Nancy Farmer really expressed her imagination in the characters because they are so dynamic and you never know what will happen next with them. I really like this book and it is probably one of my favorite books just from reading 49 pages. The round tables for our group could be better because sometimes we get off task or we will write what we are going to say and then it sounds like a script. Also sometimes we will make bad references like in our previous round table. i think our group is really good if we try our best and i am going to try to enhance that and try to get all of our work to the best of our ability. I need to check in more with the scorpion blog because I am behind on some assignments. Before the story even starts the author puts some interesting things that I have never seen before. Nancy Farmer puts in a family tree and in the table of contents she has ages (0-7,7-11 etc.)

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