Friday, 10 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion: Characterization

Hi this is Curtis and today I am doing a post on characterization for "The House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer. I really thought that I should share with you the characters in case you are struggling to understand them. Matt is the protagonist in this book. He is very round and is really dynamic because he will show you a side that you have never seen. He is very dynamic near the end of the book. Celia is more of a flat character because she sticks with the same job of housing and protecting Matt, so she never really changes. She is dynamic at the start but she becomes a flat character. Tam Lin for me is a round character because we learn things that I had ever pictured him doing. He was a terrorist  Then there're the kids at the big house, there're multiple of them so lets start with Tom. Tom is a flat character you could almost say he is a stock character. He is the bully of the household and beats on everybody. He is also a secondary antagonist. Maria is around matts age so they share a lot of similarities. But of course she is like any other girl and has ups and downs with guys. She helps matt through his ups and downs and vice versa. Steven is a stock character we dont know much about him and i think he is one of those background characters. Emilia is the same she is just a person who fills in a space. Last but not least the one and only El Patrón. El Patrón is the main antagonist in this story. He seems nice at first but once you get farther into the story something will happen. He was given a statement and it is whatever El Patrón has it will always be his.

Then there're many other characters that are just stock and will stay in a part for a bit and then just disappear. Some stock characters are very dynamic like Rosa she is a maid and at first she helps Matt and then treats him like a slave and a person in a cold dark torture cell. Willum, the doctor. Obviously he is a doctor but he is dynamic at first he is in "love" with Rosa but then turns on her when El Patrón is in the room.

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