Friday, 10 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion: Film Study

Hi this is Curtis and today I am doing a post on Film study for "Gattaca." Gattaca is a movie based in the future with a boy named Vincent. Vincent is born with a heart disorder and can only live for 30 years, but he has a dream as dream of becoming an astronaut. When he travels to the city of Gattaca, he finds a man named Jerome. Jerome is a perfect man in the world of Gattaca, the only defect he cant walk. Vincent starts a process to change in Jerome. He starts to work at the space shuttle station. He becomes good friends with a girl named Irene. The the friendship gradually turns into a love relationship. He uses Jerome's identity to be valid and allowed in. After months of this and there is a murder, but Vincent's eyebrow hair is found on a corner near the killing. He tries to escape the police and succeeds but his brother is the cop. Now lets talk about the exposition, rising action, climax etc. The exposition is when they are still introducing characters into the story. The rising action starts at the murder and just keeps going till they are stuck in a restaurant with Irene and Vincent beats up a cop. They begin their escape and the brother Anton finds out that it was his brother. I believe that this was the climax because there was nothing really exciting. The falling action was everything before they ended the murder and caught the man, who was the president of the space shuttle station. The expostion is when he gets to the launch pad and reveals his real identity to the doctor and he is fine with it and allows him to get on the space shuttle and takeoff. Right before Vincent is about to take off the real Jarome takes his own life, therefore Vincent is now Jerome.

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