Friday, 10 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion: Real World Issues

Hi this is Curtis and today I am doing a post on real world issues for "The House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer. It thought I should let you know this because there are many things that are happening that may influence your safety to travel For me the biggest issue is the drug wars in Mexico. There're really bad wars happening where about 33,000 people die each year from connections to drugs. I relate this to opium because they have drugs and there is a war with the state and its people, which takes me to my next point. The next real world issue is the war in Syria were there are people against the government because they either kill or capture the citizens and this relates to eejits. Lets go into more detail. Mexico is having a drug war, if someone from a rival gang is near they kill them or if a bunch of them are near they use bombs (You may be in the crossfire). This has gradually turned towards the U.S.A. and they now have border wars where illegal drugs and immigrants try to come across and get bigger gangs. The cartels will also stop cars and create roadblocks which then take their money and capture people for ransom. I believe this relates to opium because they house drugs and there is a war with the government because the farmers of the opium have been implanted with a chip so that they only drink if someone says so. In Syria there is a really big war with the people against the government. They are getting killed and i think that this is like opium because they have wars with the government because they take the people and capture them and torture them and then if they don't listen they kill them and it is just is government vs. people.

Those are all of the connections I can make but I will try to add more as i move along with this project. Stay tuned for more posts and possibly this one getting edited.

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