Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The House of the Scorpion: Setting


Hello, today this post will be on setting. First off the main setting of the book is in The Big House. There are many other smaller settings that we here about, for example the opium poppy fields and the small house that they used to live in. Lets talk about the big house, they mostly explain the big house as a mansion with hallways and rooms. The Big House also has quarters so that the maids (eejits) live in one part while El Patron is in one part his family members are in a different part. It seems to me that the big house is a really big house and that each hallway or room is a different setting because the story stays in that place for a bit or will come back to it again and again. In The Big House lives a great drug warlord, El Pat rón. Matt finds himself in the big house after he sees a group of kids that he wants to play with. While jumping out of the window he cuts himself and the kids rush him back to The Big House. When being treated the doctors and servants find that Matt is a clone. He is kept in the servants quarters were he is treated like an animal. We got to go on an adventure thru The Big House, which is located in Opium, between the U.S. and Aztlán, now known as Mexico.

I think this story takes place in the future because they have hovercrafts, "Hovercrafts landed, servants ran to and fro (Farmer 150)." They also have eejits; they are regular people with a few extra additions. Eejits have microchips implanted in their brain; the person can control them to do whatever they want (why you hitting yourself?). They also have clones, which we can make in the present but only with animals and not humans. They also mention that Aztlán used to be called Mexico, which indicates this maybe close to our time and not in the 3000's. I made a connection because at first I thought that they lived in the U.S.A. and I said to myself " There cant be slaves in America because of the amendment that Abraham Lincoln signed.

Thats all for now stay tuned for the characterization paragraph!!!

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