Wednesday, 20 November 2013

GINS: Novel to Consumerism

My Global Issue Novel Study is about drugs. Today I am going to tell you how they relate to the countries economic system. Say I were a drug dealer and I gave drugs to a bunch of my friends. Now they have an addiction and need help, so they go to the government through rehab. How is he going to pay for all of this? Well the government will. Taxpayers pay money to the government which then sends money to people who can't afford rehab or money to stop drugs. My book “Lunch with Lenin” by Deborah Ellis is a book that has a bunch of short stories in one story. Each story is in a new country and about a person who is affected by drugs or alcohol. I am going to pick the country Canada. Here in Canada we have a mixed economy so we can regulate some of the stuff that gets exported and imported into Canada. The Government of Canada sends money to pay for peoples rehab if they can’t afford it. Now back to the drug dealers they don't have to pay taxes so that means that. In a market economy the government doesnt own the resources so they don’t have a say of what is exported or imported. In a mixed economy like Canada the government has a say in what comes in and out and that is why there are less drugs in Canada.

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