Wednesday, 8 January 2014

GINS: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Is there a similar document for the nation in which your issue occurs?
Yes there is a similar document but its definitely not the same. They only have the basic fundamental freedoms and some rights described below. The only problem is that Russia doesn’t follow these rights and freedoms like Canada does. They definitely need better rights and freedoms. When people are denied the basic rights to live, even though they say that all citizens have the right to the basic needs of life they don’t. Children/Orphans in Russia are restrained in cloth sacks, tethered by a limb to furniture, denied stimulation, and sometimes left to lie half-naked in their own filth. Bedridden children aged five to seventeen are confined to understaffed lying-down rooms as in the baby houses, and in some cases are neglected to the point of death.

If so, what rights and freedoms are guaranteed in the document?
There are many different rights and freedoms but Russia doesn’t always follow them. In Russia people have the Freedom of religion, the right to be free of torture or unfair punishment, Freedom of assembly, Press freedom, Human rights, Freedom of political expression, Freedom of literary and scientific expression, Right to vote, Economic rights,  Freedoms of assembly and association, Freedom of religion, Freedom of movement
I one case an employer was beaten in Sochi after he was allegedly stealing wire from the buildings of the 2014 winter olympics. He was beaten on site after he showed up to grab his pay check. He was beaten and sexually assaulted with a crowbar.

If not, why do you think this is the case? Have there been any attempts to remedy this?

How might the issue be different if the Canadian Charter were applied?
I think they would have a better country because right now they don’t value the Rights and Freedoms because they really don’t have any. I think that if we put our charter they would value it and stick up to themselves. But even if we did put the charter in Russia the government would have to be switched because you can make rules but if nobody follows them what is the point?

Be specific! Which sections would be relevant?
I think the legal rights would be the biggest change because in Russia everyone is assumed guilty and they don't have courts they have a dictatorship sentencing. If we would put our legal rights into Russia everyone would be innocent until proven guilty and everyone would have the right to an equal, fair and quick trial.


  1. Hey Curtis :)

    I really enjoyed reading through your blog! I also wanted to do Lunch With Lenin, but it was too popular :( You should post your tumblr/GINS mashup so people can read that too! I loved some of the connections you made to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms! I also think that the Canadian Charter would benefit many countries, Including Russia! Maybe you could try to write your post without the questions in it, and rather make it a flowing paragraph that address all the questions. Make sure its in a way that is intriguing to the reader!
    Great Job!

  2. Very interesting. Do you know if anyone in Russia is trying to bring about change in anyway and do you think hosting the olympics will have an impact (good or bad) on the rights of citizens? Good Work :)

  3. Hey Curtis great post. I liked how you thoroughly answered each question. Just a suggestion though you might want to have sort of an introduction to what country you are doing because you didn't mention Russia until three sentences is. And since you are doing Lunch with Lenin a book with lots of different settings you might confuse other people. But other then that is was really good

  4. I think that your post is very informative but it would be better if it was a paragraph rather then just Q and A.

  5. Curtis, I thought you did a really good job on your posts and I like how you kept relating it back to the book and instead of just saying, yes they do have a charter and it is similar to Canada. You said that but included that they don't really follow the rules and don't get punished for it so they need to fix that so the rules and charter are there and was made for a reason.Great job!

  6. Hey Curtis, It looks like you put the time and effort into this post. It looks like you took your time to find the information for this post. Your points were strong and clear and I never wanted to stop reading. I loved how you put the reader in the perspective of citizens in Russia and it was really sad to see how their rights and freedoms were abused against their will. You never really explained though why the employer was beaten and sexually assaulted with a crowbar it would be nicer if you tied this in with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and explain that getting beat with a crowbar is against your legal rights because the police don't have the right to prove your guilty for no reason.

  7. Hi Curtis, I liked how you broke everything up into the sections and how you provided really good supporting details on almost everything. I did have a few questions though. You mentioned that Russia needed new Rights but only really talked about how it affected children who else might it affect? Also why do they not have any Courts and everyone is assumed guilty because to me that seems unfair and would be hard to live in that country because anyone could just point a finger at you and you would go to jail according to what you have provided. Other than that I think you did a really good job.

  8. Your information was all well written and very organized. Do you think that every one in Russia knows what there rights are? Are the rights for men and women better or worse than the rights for children? I really enjoyed reading all your posts. Great job!!

  9. Hi curtis,
    I really enjoyed your post here, and how you with ease could connect the rights and freedoms between canada and russia and made it flow. I also liked how you went into detail about the subject and just didn't scratch the surface and leave a underlying truth about it. But some things i would change for next time is the fact that instead of accompanying the question into your post you could just use what you did here as a planning document and then meld it into a paragraph of pure russian rights and freedoms awesomeness with the questions included. Other than that GOOD JOB ;)

  10. Hey Curtis, I like how you wrote everything as separate pieces because I found this much easier to read than a giant paragraph. A suggestion I have for you when you do something like this is next time not to put the questions in and to make your writing less like you're answering question and more like you're talking about the issue.