Tuesday, 21 January 2014

GINS: Post 6 Task 3

Equality rights:
  • Everyone is equal and no collective groups (everyone is equal anyways)
    • If collective rights were given, it would be unfair to others.
  • Everyone has the right to be free of discrimination based on their race, nationality, religion, age, language, gender and mental or physical disabilities...etc.

  • Right to follow your own religion as long as it does not harm the community
  • Freedom to talk with anyone and any group without disruption, unless peace of the community is jeopardized eg. Terrorist group meetings
  • The freedom of expression of opinion unless otherwise harmful or not peaceful
  • The freedom of sexuality

Basic Rights:
  • The right to food, water and shelter
  • The right to be free of slavery
  • The right to be free of physical or mental with harmful intent

Government Rights:
  • The right for countries to self-governed
  • The country chooses what type of government they want, monarchy, democratic, etc.
  • The right to choose to be democratic  

Legal Rights:
  • Right to quick and fair trial under impartial court
  • No search or seizure can be conducted without legal reasons
  • The right to be free of all types torture or unfair punishment. When under imprisonment.  Eg. Sexual assault, capital punishment,
  • Each government will create their own laws, but cannot infringe on the charter

Mobility Rights:
  • Right to move freely and reside throughout the world unless restricted by law concerning public safety, public health, etc.  
  • The right to earn a living in a different country

Education Rights:

  • In the language, culture, or country of your choice
  • Everyone has the right to education, those who cannot afford educated will be assisted by their country’s government

This charter of rights and freedoms is for the world. This is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created by Daniel, Omar, Justin, Yashvin and me. We kept the same organization as the Canadian Charter because it is very easy to find what you are looking for as well as it is listed in different parts and not all in one. We have put the very basics in and we did some changes. As you probably noticed we put in basic rights. These outline the basic rights of people and what they can have. We also changed democratic rights to government rights, as we didn't want to assimilate anybody. We recognized that not every country has a democratic government. Some may have a dictatorship, some may not even have a government at all. Education rights was a big one for us as we are students and we had a hard time filling this one out. We didn't want to assimilate anybody nor did we want to have people begging for the government to help. We took the basics of the Canadian Charter and put them in as a starting point and then it evolved into this. I really do like this Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it portrays the necessities and basic needs of the human race.

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