Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirit Bear: Litspiration Post

The types of information I would want is the most important information. This includes family history, school history, crime history, and anything about his past. Lets talk about the three most important family, school, and crime history. I would like to know about his parents, are they abusive, friendly, mean all of these things can affect a persons behaviour. I would like to know about whats happening at school, is he a bullying people, was he bullied. I would also like to have counsellor records that show what has happened, is he getting help, or what is happening. I would also like to know if he has done any crimes in the past, or any type of criminal offence he has done.

After reading about Cole and his life I really felt sympathetic for him. He was feeling anger at his dad and he was thinking straight and he had to take it out on somebody and unfortunately Peter was right there. People with abusive parents have a mush harder life than everyone else and the parents force the hate into the child. If you heard about a guy who went to a hardware store, robbed it, got ratted out and then beat a kid to almost death. What would you do to him? Now think of the same scenario except the suspect had a abusive father and was getting beat every night to the point that he wanted it to end, and he couldn't control the anger. What would you do to him? These are the same people doing the same crime except you know what the kid has gone through that may have traumatized him. Now about the island, the island was strange because we could see Cole changing. I think what happened on the island really changed Cole for the better and after the bear I would only give Cole 10 hours of community work

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